Thursday, February 2, 2017


Orwellian is a word that according to anyone who has read 1984, relates to any way or aspect of authoritarian government, total surveillance, and thought control.  Orwell wrote the book 1984 about a dystopia and his last name was used to give a name to what the book illustrated.  In the book he talks about a society living under the rule of a dictator who they refer to as big brother, Orwell got the idea for this futuristic civilization from the way Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin ruled over their countries.  To me this word refers to the concept itself of having total access or control of the lives of a complete population.  I think that it does apply to the type of society that we have today because due to technology, now the government can track us and watch everything we do, and because through the media we are told what is right and what is wrong starting at a very young age, and this molds us to be a certain way.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

15 Minutes With Anyone.

If i could spend 15 minutes with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?  I think that the person i would choose to spend that time with would be Jesus Christ because i believe that in that time i could learn a lot from him and i would grow spiritually.  Of course this is the opinion based on my catholic beliefs but even I was not religious i still think that spending time with the person who is thought to be the son of god would be very interesting, you could ask him if its true, what he thinks about how the people see him now, and how he lived his life etc. But at the same time i do have some doubt, because right now that is my opinion and the way i answer this questions but in the future I might prefer to spend time with someone else, more specifically someone that might have passed away or with somebody I love and i cant be with for  some reason or obstacle life might put on the way, because sometimes events like that make us change our opinion on a lot of stuff and it might make change our mind and appreciate more a moment with a loved one than with the most famous man in history.  But for now from all the people who have been or are alive I would choose him because I cannot think of any celebrity, friend or even family member who i want to be with so desperately.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

This new year I believe that we should celebrate the fact that we have the opportunity to be better an to make any change that we might want to make in ourselves.  That is why I have set some goals for myself to accomplish in 2017 like, lose weight, be healthier, get better at playing guitar, learn the basics of at least 2 other instruments, get better grades, and try to get a job by the end of the year.  I have learned from experience and other sources that I have to get practice and change some behaviors to accomplish my goals and that is what i plan to do.  I want to focus more on the little things that I can do today or this week in order to get closer and closer to that goal, of course i don't want to forget what the main goal is but this way i think its easier to do the things necessary to accomplish what i want.  Reggie Rivers explained this in his TED talk "If you want to achieve your goals don't focus on them"  I also want to change the way i think about this goals i have and see them more as plans because a goal seems to me more like the object of my ambition and the word plan involves the process needed to achieve those things.  I can always use different advises from different people to face the challenges that are going to come my way but i still think that no matter what techniques or practices i use, i have to find the way to get to where i wanna be by myself and enjoy the process even if its made up by things i do not like.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What is Interesting?
I think the way people communicate is interesting and how we as society process everything and see everything in very different ways but always equally, that, i think its very interesting, how people can go from making peace to creating wars for something that at the end its not going to be worth.  Humanity is interesting everything about us is interesting, we are so complex and simple, we learn, grow, teach, create, we can do amazing things and we never pay attention to our own potential. We all know that the only truth is that everyone is going to physically die and some spent their lives trying not to die fast and others live their lives to their limit.  Everyone has a different mentality, personality and identity that makes not only us but everything else wonderful. Our curiosity has taken us a very far and we have advanced since our origins we have been opened to new things and to new beliefs but is also intriguing the way we look at all this, most of the time we do not care about things like this because we live in an age of being informed without true but also we are interested enough to talk about anything controversial.  I think the irony that lives in humanity is interesting and all the directions this takes us as society, this differences between people have lead us to wars and to do all sort of destructive things but i think it is also part of the beauty of the people because it makes us learn and reflect, we change our perspective thanks to the different opinions and that makes us grow as individuals and society, that is why i think humanity is interesting.
Does social class and economic status affect a person's reality?
I personally think that it does affect the perception of reality, mainly because it affects the way a person thinks in all aspects of life. For example someone who grew up in a wealthy environment has most of the material stuff he wants at his disposition and this leads to that person thinking that everything is easy to get and taking things for granted but in the case of someone that has grown up in a poor environment will be different, he will value things more and work more to be able to have or achieve something.  I think it also affects what you know about society in general, in you grow up in a family with a high social class then it is very possible that you grow up interested in what that life or family gave you, like the family business and you might even grow up being unaware of the way the people of low social class or economic status live, this i think mostly happens when you live in a very wealthy background.  People from a high social class usually have it easier than people from a low socials because of the money they make, a lot of times this makes it harder for poor people because they don't have the opportunities to progress.  An example is when they  don't have economic resources to go to college.  So I think that depending on the way you grew up it can affect the perspective on the way of living.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Reading life
I have never considered myself much of a reader, I am not the type of person who reads constantly but i do pick up a book once in a while and I have learned from them.  One of the books i remember a lot is called "Gym Candy." This book is about a really athletic teenager that goes through tension in several aspects of his life that begin with him trying steroids to be a better football player but it detonates problems with his family and friends to the point where he almost kills his best friend.  I have been wanting to read more this past couple of months and one of the reasons is that i want to expand my vocabulary specially in English because it is my second language and i think i am going to need to be able to express and explain things with more advance vocabulary if i want to go to college, and also to be able to write in every style possible.  The last book i read was written in Spanish and is called "Juventud en Extasis" (Youth in ecstasy) by the vary famous author Carlos Cuahutemoc Sanchez and it was about a boy struggling with drug and family problems including the issues of his sexual life. There is a book that i stopped reading but i did not finish it called "The Analyst" about a lonely 53 year old man psychoanalyst who receives a death tread on his birthday

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What is Beautiful?

Music is Beautiful
I personally think of music as the ultimate way to express feelings or ideas. it can make us happy or sad, make us aware of an issue. it does not matter if it has words or not as long as it makes the author and the listener feel something.  In today's society a lot of the music out there has no meaning more than the intention of showing something that has no way of helping society, i think that is part of the beauty of music that it does not have to make sense for someone to love it, it can have the most stupid lyrics and still mean something to someone it can make us dance or remember something or someone and also the feeling they bring to us.  In my opinion, these days we have more music made for the people than music made by the people, what i mean by this is that the author does not write for himself or to express what they feel anymore, instead they compose based on what they think the people want and if i'm right then we are losing  much of the purpose of music because it is an art, a way of expression not only of connection.  The Creator/Composer has to express their feelings and thoughts through all the sounds that compose a piece of music, not just add sounds and sounds trying to figure out what people may like so they can make money because that is not what an artist does, and musicians are artist that find their passion in the way they can become their own music. Music is love to what we hear and the ability to build something emotionally huge and strong that gets to the deepest part of ourselves. That is why music is beautiful.